When Your Child... is Stuck Feeling Guilty + changes ahead

2-min. video | Open Door For Parents with Dr. Eileen


(80 sec. Would you rather read? A transcript is at the bottom of this post.)

Some tender-hearted kids have a hard time forgiving themselves when they make a mistake. Here are some ideas for helping them move past guilt.

Exciting changes ahead!

Open Door for Parents is now one year old. I’ve been thinking a lot about how to create content that’s valuable for you and sustainable for me as we move into Year 2. I’ll be announcing some exciting new offerings in the next couple of weeks or so, that I think you’re going to like.

I’m also thinking about changing the name of the newsletter. I chose the name Open Door for Parents when many parents were desperate for access to a psychologist and simply couldn’t get in. It’s still not easy to find a psychologist. However, I want to change the name to more clearly reflect the type of content I offer in this newsletter, which is mainly about children’s feelings and friendships. Top contenders right now are Growing Friendships (the title of one of my books) or Dr. Friendtastic (to match the podcast for kids).

If you have any thoughts or suggestions about the name or what you’d like to see in Year 2 of this newsletter, please let me know!

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Video Transcript

Guilt is a feeling that tells us when we've done something wrong. It can be a healthy pinch of conscience that helps us make better choices, but sometimes kids get tangled up in too much guilt.

Hi, I'm Dr Eileen. When kids are feeling overly guilty they may dwell endlessly on what they've done wrong or they may even say, “I'm the worst kid in the world!” 

Here are some questions to help your child ease past excessive guilt: 

- Did you do it on purpose? 

- Will it matter a week a month or a year from now? 

- Are you the only person who has ever done this? 

- What have you done to try to make things right? 

- What can you do differently from now on? 

After thinking about these questions, your child can think or say, “I forgive myself,” and move on.