When Your Child... Has a Not-So-Nice Friend

2-min. video | Open Door For Parents with Dr. Eileen

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Hi, Has your child had a friend who’s kind one day and mean the next? This kind of relationship can be very confusing for kids–and frustrating for parents. This week’s video has some ideas of how to deal with a friend who runs hot and cold, when your child doesn’t want to break off the friendship completely.

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Welcome back to Open Door for Parents. I'm Dr. Eileen.

Sometimes kids have a friend who runs hot and cold. One day they might be kind, and the next day they're mean. Often these kids are very exciting to play with, or they might be socially powerful, so your child might really want to be friends with them. But it’s confusing and upsetting when the friend is running cold. 

If your child insists on being friends with this kid, they're going to need a plan for handling the relationship. When the friend is kind, great! There's no problem. 

When the friend is not so kind, then your child needs to speak up in a calm and confident way and say something like, “This isn't fun for me!” 

If the friend changes what they're doing, great. We're all good. If they don't, then your child should walk away and go play with somebody else that day. Over time this will teach the hot and cold front what your child is or isn't willing to put up with.

Now, you may prefer that your child find a different friend, and you can definitely make opportunities for your child to hang out with other kids. Spending time with easier friends can help your child learn that the best friends aren’t hot and cold; they’re steady warm.